Lofts in W01 TREB District

East part of the W01 MLS district contains several old factory, warehouse and office buildings, some of which have been converted to lofts. A conversion of an impressive church building in High Park is almost finished, and several soft lofts either have been built are being constructed, the most anticipated of them, probably, the High Park Lofts on Roncesvalles Avenue.

All W01 loft buildings are located east of High Park. In Swansea, west of High Park, there aren't any buildings which would be suitable for loft conversion, apart from, perhaps, churches. Several condominium buildings are located in the south part of Swansea, and perhaps some soft lofts will be built there in the future.

West Toronto south of Bloor, east of High Park

Abbey Lofts Columbus Lofts Robert Watson Lofts Sorauren Lofts Macdonell Lofts High Park Lofts Roncesvalles Lofts High Park Garage Lofts Brockton Lofts Bloorline Lofts Brock Lofts Noble Court Lofts

All loft buildings in this area of Toronto (east part of W01) are shown on the map above. To find more about these lofts please click on the "target" symbol in the location of your choice.

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