Lofts in Riverdale - E01 South-West Section

Edge Lofts Broadview Lofts Riverside Lofts i-Zone Lofts Wrigley Lofts Garment Factory Lofts Printing Factory Lofts Work Lofts Leslieville Lofts

Riverdale has some old factory buildings which were very successfully converted into lofts. Several older and brand new loft conversions are grouped on Carlaw between Queen and Dundas, the oldest being Wrigley Lofts, a very successful conversion in a beautiful factory building with huge windows, fluted concrete columns and very good ceiling heights. There is a smaller but very classy conversion on Logan north of Gerrard, and a converted church on Pape just south of Danforth. Another loft conversion was recently completed on Broadview on the corner of Eastern. There are four soft loft buildings - Edge Lofts now under construction on Queen just west of Broadview, Riverside Lofts - recent project by Streetcar, Leslieville Lofts on Broadview just north of Queen, and Work Lofts on the corner of Carlaw and Dundas.

All loft buildings in this part of Toronto (E01-south-west) are shown on the map above. To find more about these lofts please click on a "target" symbol in the location of your choice. To see loft locations in the north-west part of this district please proceed through the links below. The east part of the district doesn't have any loft buildings.

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