Lofts in C01 TREB District - South-West Part

Toronto downtown west has a good number of loft conversions. South of Dundas Street, between Bathurst and Dufferin, 14 hard lofts have either been developed, or in a planning or construction stage. In addition to this number there are six 'soft' loft buildings either finished or under construction.

Downtown west of Bathurst south of Dundas

Toy Factory Lofts Argyle Lofts Candy Factory Lofts Chocolate Co. Lofts Trinity Park Lofts West 833 Lofts The Kings Lofts Tecumseth Lofts Westside Lofts Massey Harris Lofts King West Village Lofts Tip Top Lofts Sixty Lofts Oxford Lofts Manning Lofts Industrial Revolution Lofts Gotham Lofts Electra Lofts DNA Lofts Church Lofts Claremont Hall Lofts Westside Gallery Lofts

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