Lofts in C01 TREB District - South-East part

Most loft buildings located in Toronto downtown east are so called 'soft' lofts, recently built. South of Dundas Street, between Yonge and Bathurst, 16 soft lofts have either been built, or are in a planning or construction stage. In addition to this number there are four 'hard' loft buildings converted from office buildings or warehouses.

Downtown east of Bathurst south of Dundas

Camden Lofts Charlotte Lofts District Lofts Grangetown Lofts Graphic Arts Lofts One-Six-Nine Lofts Portland Lofts 20 Stewart Lofts Stewart Lofts Quad Lofts 533 Richmond Lofts Seventy5 Lofts New York Elan Lofts The Sylvia Twenty Lofts The Worx Lofts Zen Lofts Wellington Lofts

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